School of Environmental and Chemical engineering was established in April, 2009 when the TianjinPolytechnicUniversity was reorganized for future growth. The goal is to build one of most nationwide famous institutions in both Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering.


   The school offers four bachelor degrees in Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Engineering; two Master of Science degrees in Chemical Engineering and Technology, Environmental Science and Engineering; two Master of Engineering degrees in Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering; and one Ph.D degree in Environmental Material Science and Engineering.


   Over 100 employees, including 94 full time faculty members and 15 staff, lead education and research in our school to serve ~2000 students, including 1700 undergraduate students and 300 graduate students. Our research focus on six key research areas with the combination of chemical and environmental engineering, including: membrane technology for water treatment, environmental chemistry, functional material engineering and process intensification, green energy and clean production technology, environmental catalysis, and textile chemicals.


   Study within the school emphasizes fundamental engineering principles, innovation, and global perspective. Full advantage is taken of collaborative opportunities with TJPU’s excellent programs in Membrane Science and Engineering, Textile Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, and Environmental Science and Engineering. Graduates from the school – at all degrees levels – are creative and adaptive scientists and engineers who ultimately find employment in industry and academia.


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